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The Navajo Nation Ethics and Rules Office



Where government is founded upon the consent of the governed, the people are entitled to have complete confidence in the loyalty and integrity of their government. The purpose of the Navajo Nation Ethics in Government Law, therefore, is to require accountability to the people of the Navajo Nation by their elected, appointed and assigned public officials and employees in exercising the authority vested or to be vested with them as a matter of public trust, by:

Establishing and requiring adherence to standards of conduct to avoid such conflicts of interest as the use of public offices, employment or property for private gain, the granting and exchange of favored treatment to persons, businesses or organizations; and the conduct of activities by such officials and employees which permits opportunities for private gain or advantage to influence government decisions;

Requiring public officials and employees to abstain from using any function of their office or duties in a manner which could place or appear to place their personal economic or special interests before the interests of the general public.

Public officials and employees shall at all times conduct themselves so as to reflect credit upon the Navajo People and government; and comply with all applicable laws of the Navajo Nation with respect to their conduct in the performance of the duties of their respective office or employment.


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